Time is on my Site.

Time is on my Site.

"Let's think different! Let's be straight!"

Content is updated April 18, 2013. 8:30 GMT. Fasten your seatbelt!

This story started asking some watchmanufacturers permission to use picture material that I found on the Internet to make a clock on my desktop with whatever is offered on my PC. That raised a lot of questions about it; so I started making examples. Because of the use of Trademarks, Logo's and Patented Designs, publishing will only be possible with permission.

And just that leads us back to the essential reason why I started making a clock by myself. A few years ago there was no easy alternative to make a clock. (By the way; my oldest clock running on DOS is more then 20 years old now.)
But, back to now! You can see in my LAST DEMO, that rotation and making a smooth running clock shore is possible. In the first mode 'Vrai Comptabilité' only standard scripting language is used. But in the second mode 'Sans MS Comptabilité' the builder of the OS and it's browser forces me to use it's name several times, fully spelled out and Case Sensitive, while not supporting rotation! Here the manufacturer explains us this. A technician will figger out there is no explanation to be found how to correct this bouncing. (It needs it's own matrix for resizing, plus screen directions DX, DY. But where explained? And did they forget that coincidentally?). Please notice in THIS DEMO this strange bouncing behavior. While recording (streaming) demos, my Internet-protection warns me frequently for a heavy processoruse by the browser. That's odd. Correcting the bouncing will need even more scripting (and processoruse)!! Please notice in the demo that the strange bouncing behavior is corrected in all third party browsers and they run all together at the same TIME!! Never the less there is no uniform way and they followed a bad example of willing their manufacturers names mentioned in scripts. But, my SCRIPTS are MINE and not THEIRS! They give me a feeling, not being allowed to use these techniques without asking permission !!! ???
Owners of new smartphones will have this rotating technique in HTML5. But, we still work with our lap- and desktops and the old ones will be used by less wealthy people. Because my clock is easy to copy and fully compatible for all desktops, laptops, tables and smartphones, it can reach everybody, everywhere in the world. That's the power. Like a simple paperclip. (But, will I find a place where to put my logo or name.... Or, will I just keep these beautiful pieces to myself? EARLIER DEMO; the most beautiful design ever 'Watched' (witched)!
Remember that these are only examples; none of them is yet fully finished. I first would like to ask permission to use picture material and then start from the beginning with it because photoshopping the wrong material damages the beauty a lot. Secondly I would like you to choose YOUR favorite; I will (try to) make your favorite a running clock. The third is help to avoid young technicians loose time reinventing a square wheel time and time again. Because every human reacts his way with incompatibility, it seems like introducing fragrant for the first time in history. No-one realy noticed the necessity, untill it was there. But, who will pay the maintenance and building of a good website?
Is there a good story in this you can use for promotion by showing the world to be helpfully to the W3C and help youngsters while exploring their possibilities?
Who will help, by thinking different?
I noticed that only third-party browsers on my PC aswell as on my tablet, runs the demo's.
I received a newsletter. BEAUTIFUL (further I am speechless about this wonder of art)! But, your technicians know, not every browser runs it. A PC shouldn't work against us, but be useful and beautyful as a good watch.

Now a LAST DEMO will show:
  1. I think I may have found the right place where to put a logo! Hopefully the name is originally enough!?
  2. Little Tiny Clocks old Possibilities (besides, what's in an App?)
  3. A HTML5 Clock on Canvas. (Explore the Internet to find out what I mean by "made for a cartoon" and see how many still working clocks you will find. If the Railway-clock doesn't run, try another browser. If the video doesn't start, download it and run it with 3-party material. ;-( )
  4. A DOM-level SVG Clock. Notice the similarities with Tiny Clock. (All my clocks are made from scratch after reading and / or using original documentation.)
  5. Last, but not least: A small step for us, but A GIANT LEAP FOR HUMAN EYES; Your beautiful clockdesigns displaying real time!

The original site content and videostreams are only available on demand. A new demo will appear soon (april 29,30?) with all the details joined together in one videostream.